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Of all sciences secrets were revealed by masters only one or two devoted followers, who went through countless tests and tests achieved thanks to the master and revealing secrets.

Time has word that humanity has developed consciousness, which allowed passage into a new dimension that requires revealing secret knowledge.

They used the knowledge passed down from generation to generation, and for treating diseases most often used herbs. In those days, the pollution was non-existent, there were no chemicals, no industry, the man was not dependent on system information that can be found today: radio, television, telephone, internet and spend more free time in nature. Still not had made their appearance three main causative factors of disease: stress, pollution and chemicals. Therefore we can say that in those times the man paid more attention to the natural environment, living together in harmony with it.

The twentieth century was the progress of science but also a period of development of urban settlements and industry, which led to the deforestation of large areas of forests. Agricultural land took place these areas, and nowadays due to corruption and greed of people who live near wooded areas and beyond, forests continue to be cleared. Therefore, it is no wonder, occurring landslides, land erosion and thinning of the ozone layer that generates effects of climate change. "Green gold" has a special role in maintaining life on our planet. But modern man give greater attention to satisfy personal desires, occasionally turning into vices. It is therefore not surprising at all to see increasingly more people consume alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. The means of transmission of information is circulated all sorts of advertisements for these things, causing dependent, created by manufacturers only satisfy the desire of a- and personal ambitions to get rich from these addicts. Wise people say that what occurs outside of us is a reflection of the human soul and that the interior can be seen easily.

Man, if they knew what was inside it would not be so ignorant, should pay more attention to the nature and would protect against environmental destruction. But as we know ourselves will have to give up those things that create defects. How will we be able to take action against those who pollute the environment when we knowingly pollute with cigarette smoke inside? How can we appreciate the smell of flowers, listen to the murmur of springs and enjoy the beauty of nature if we numb with alcohol and drugs? Our way of behavior directly or indirectly affect plant life, animal and ecosystem balance. Man can ensure a healthy living environment and continue to damage nature. If we continue to approach a destructive lifestyle no longer need an atomic war, or the collision of a comet with the "blue planet" to destroy our home.