Field Thyme | medicinal plant with beneficial energy action

Thyme field - harvest areas Field thyme - an identification

Field thyme is an herb that is found in the hills. Field thyme is an herb with small flowers white to purple. Field thyme is an herb with a very pleasant smell and flavor. Field thyme herb is particularly beneficial for the human body. Thyme field - photo taken in the river floodplain Teleajen Prahova County

Field Thyme | Tymus serpyllum L.(Fam .Labiatae).

Field Thyme is known as the: fenugreek, timian, Timis.

Plant product used. In only used medicinally aerial parts (flowers).

Action and power energy centers and channels healing energy:

  • Field Thyme flowers have great healing effect on Anahata chakra (left, center, right), a healing effect on the chakras: Swadisthana (left, center, right), Nabhi (left, center, right), Void and Vishuddhi (left, center, straight). For treatment, the aerial parts should be used as a tea infusion of two teaspoons in quantity to 300 ml. of water. Tea is drunk on several occasions before serving meals.